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Hangzhou haoyi technology co., LTD. (hangzhou doofeng automation equipment co., LTD.)
Taiwan haoyi technology co. LTD
Contact person: manager wei
Telephone: 0571-88681800
Mobile phone: 18969093218
Fax: 0571-86167336
E-mail: 15413574 @qq.com
Website: www.dofonics.com
Company address: 3 / f, no. 6, kanghui road, shugongqu district, hangzhou

about us

Hangzhou haoyi technology co., LTD., has established hangzhou doofeng automation equipment co., LTD and hangzhou haoyi technology co., LTD since 2011. The company mainly develops, produces and sells: industrial control intelligent digital display instruments: intelligent PID temperature control meters, pressure meters, flow meters, liquid level, speed, length and other instruments. Executive structure: SCR SCR thyristor power regulator, frequency converter.
Company initially combined with Germany, Japan and other foreign advanced technology, after years of technological innovation, at present our company has been fairly mature independent research and development ability, the independent brand DOFONICS in peers and the general customer base also has a certain influence. At home and abroad are widely used in various kinds of heat treatment equipment, electric furnace, kiln, valve control, combustion, glass equipment, plastic machinery, oil chemical industry, environmental protection, food, coating equipment, such as in various fields, the company with a strong r&d team support will also undertake related products development, single-chip computer, industrial computer, PLC and software programming of development and system integration and installation and debugging.