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Hangzhou haoyi technology co., LTD. (hangzhou doofeng automation equipment co., LTD.)
Taiwan haoyi technology co. LTD
Contact person: manager wei
Telephone: 0571-88681800
Mobile phone: 18969093218
Fax: 0571-86167336
E-mail: 15413574 @qq.com
Website: www.dofonics.com
Company address: 3 / f, no. 6, kanghui road, shugongqu district, hangzhou

About us

Hangzhou haoyi technology co., LTD., has established hangzhou doofeng automation equipment co., LTD and hangzhou haoyi technology co., LTD since 2011. The company mainly develops, produces and sells: industrial control intelligent digital display instruments: intelligent PID temperature control meters, pressure meters, flow meters, liquid level, speed, length and other instruments...