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Liquid level transmitter

Published time:2018-6-5 15:06:14Read the number:806

1. Product overview
AC - 1 cr18ni9ti stainless steel structure is used in L1 oil filled pressure core body chooses the international famous brand, dedicated amplifier and V/I conversion circuit in the transmitter, can convenient to zero and full range of calibration, and can undertake external program-controlled adjustment of zero and range. The special breathable cable with wear-resistant, oil-resistant, acid-proof and high-strength can be configured according to different use sites. The output lead of two - wire loop has no polarity. Three - wire voltage output is ac - dc dual - use.
2. Product use
AC - L1 series pressure transmitter is widely used in industrial field level measurement and control, urban water supply and sewage disposal, petroleum, chemical industry, power plants, hydrological monitoring, reservoirs, DAMS, water and electricity construction in the areas of liquid level measurement and control. Large range and transmitter may be subjected to external tensile liquid pressure and liquid height detection, such as water, oil, mildly corrosive liquid.
3. Product features
Adopt advanced circuit processing technology, stable performance and high sensitivity; Various measuring ranges, up to 200m(water column pressure); 316L stainless steel diaphragm for various measuring media; Flexible configuration, according to the need to choose different configuration; One body type, split type optional; Reverse polarity and overvoltage protection; Shock and lightning protection design; Laser resistance temperature compensation, zero and range can be adjusted on site. Wide range anti-corrosion, suitable for a variety of media; Strong capability of overload and anti-interference, stable performance.
4. Technical parameters


Number of values

For note

Liquid level range

All liquid level ranges between bar type 300 ~ 5000mm cable type 2 ~ 200m


Fine degree of



Stability in sex

Typical values 0.25%F.S,          The maximum:0.4%F.S


The use of temperature



Compensation temperature



Compatible with medium

All corrosive media compatible with ptfe, ceramic and ABS


Capacitance range

The minimum value is 30PF and the maximum value is adjustable within 1000PF


Electrical performance

The second line

Three lines

Four wire


The output signal




Can also be 0~10mA



Can also be 0~5Vdc

Power supply





The scene shows



No display


Load resistance


Current mode:(U-10)/0.02(Ω);Voltage type:>100K Ω


No margin

100M Ω@50V


Electrical connection

2088 Industrial shell,Enclosure protection IP65


Pressure interface

Input cable type, input bar type


The pressure form

Pressure G, seal pressure S, absolute pressure, differential pressure DP


Certification program



Electromagnetic compatibility

Electromagnetic radiation: en50081-1/2; Electromagnetic sensitivity: en 50082-2

5.The product selection

AC-L1- E - port A - port C- port D input level transmitter


Input level transmitter (indicating range)



Structure form


1. One-piece type without junction box 2. Split type with junction box


The output signal


1. (0-5)VDC 2, second-line (4-20)mA(default) 3, (0-10)mA
4. Other notes


The accuracy of



10.2   20.5


The probe type


1. Standard (non-anticorrosive) by default    2. Anti-corrosion type


Display mode (only for split type with junction box type) 


1. No display (default)
2. 0 ~ 100% linear indication
3. LCD digital range display (liquid crystal)
4. LCD digital 0-100% display (liquid crystal)
5. LED digital tube 0-100% display

Description of selection:
· indicate the measurement range (liquid level height), and for some special media, indicate the density of the medium.
· when selecting models, it should be noted that the media under test are compatible with the materials in contact with the products, and can be customized for special media.
· when the product is installed in a thunderstorm area, it should be marked "lightning protection" when ordering. Users are advised to install lightning protection devices on the site and make sure the product and power are grounded.
· the length of the gas conducting cable is generally 1 ~ 2 meters longer than the actual liquid level height.